Italian Manufacturers
Help to Buy

1 First Contact

The Buyer take contacts with the Italian Manufacturers Institute

2 Exchange Infos

The Buyer receive information from ITPI and reply with links, mission and company profile

Understand the company needing, style, pricerange and products requested

3 Search Products

We do the search and selection of 100% Made in Italy Quality Manufacturers with the fixed parameters

Let you be informed to the best manufacturers in Italy, also the newest and less known

4 Plan an Incoming

We plan with the buyer an incoming to Italy; with hotels, business lunches and transfers at our charge

Let you meet the manufacturers face to faces

5 B2B Meetings

Business to business meetings in order to match with manufacturers.

To have a look for samples, product analysis, tastings and other tests.

6 Visit Companies

The Buyer decide to have a visit to the company manufacturing places

Let you take a better view to the collection and manufacturing process and proceed with a test order